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Underground Parking Lifts

Underground Parking Lifts

Our range of First Class electro-hydraulic vehicle lifts are designed for transporting vehicles from street level to access underground parking areas. The system is aimed to replace traditional access ramps, thus saving on excavation costs and gaining space. An ideal choice for private houses where high value vehicles can be stored safely in a basement parking area.

The telescopic lift roof can be equipped with a recess to accept special tiled finishes that match the existing driveway, a galvanised pit frame is supplied that will drain surface water. When the lift is lowered, the roof when closed can be safely driven over, thus gaining full use of the driveway. Our complete lifting range is bespoke and made to meet customers specifications. Full in house drawings are produced by our design engineers and supplied in both 3D, 2D, dwf, cad and pdf variants.

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