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Car Turntables

Car Turntables

Our professional range of car turntable'sare the ultimate solution for driveways and garages that are limited on space. It increases safety as it eliminates the need for dangerous reversing in tight spaces.

A hot dip galvanised moulded steel frame is supplied prior to the turntable installation, this enable's easy and accurate laying of the surrounding ground slab. The turntable is manufactured to order and is supplied in exactly the diameter to suit specific site conditions. The turntable finish is hot dip galvanised thenpainted with an epoxy powder coated surface, this will ensure many years of longevity when installed in an outside environment.Tiles or synthetic grass can be used as an alternative to match an existing driveway.All moving bearings are manufactured from maintenance free high grade nylatron rollers. The turntable is programmable and completely multi-directional. It will turn 360 degrees and can be stopped in any position. Variable speed is available as an option.

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