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Automatic Parking Lifts

Automatic Parking Lifts

Our design engineers are able to provide a bespoke system to make the most use of available space to produce as much car parking as practical. We are able to automate parking either vertically, horizontally, rotary or circular. Cars when entering the system, are first driven onto a motorised monodirectional or bi-directional moving pallet. Lifting systems will move the car laden pallet to be stored on different floors. Parking floors can be constructed either above or in ground (basements). All car movement operations are monitored by a central located hub that houses a user friendly dedicated PC. All car movements can be viewed via a television or computer screen. The user or operator is able to recall parked cars remotely by smartphone, key fob or by a magnetic card reader.

A typical retrieval time for a parked car is 4 minutes, this time can be greatly reduced by using our software booking system where the PC monitors the position of the booked car. At the required booking time the pre-booked car will be parked at the shortest distance and final retrieval time would be reduced to 1 minute.

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